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ZAO "Zavod Pripoev" (JSC "Plant solder"), has its manufacturing base, warehouses with total area of ​​2400 square meters, analytical laboratory, research department, rail access, outdoor storage of 15,000 square meters. m

The main activities of the Novosibirsk Plant solder :

  • production and provision of industrial consumers in Russia and the CIS countries in the form of metal solders , alloys and babbitt
  • commercial transactions on the market of non-ferrous metals and alloys (tin, lead, zinc)
  • rolled ferrous metals ( copper, brass , bronze, silver , indium, bismuth, antimony , cadmium , tin, lead , aluminum)
  • Related Warehousing

Warehouse services include safekeeping and handling , receiving and shipping them by both road and rail. Security is provided by the interdepartmental armed guards .

Research Department of Plant solder is constantly developing new products and new technologies to improve product quality , reduce production costs and increase the impact of production capacity.

The main consumers of the Novosibirsk Plant solder :

  • electronic industry
  • electrical industry
  • electric-bulb industry
  • automotive industry
  • defense industry
  • food processing industry
  • machine building industry
  • construction industry
  • sea, river and rail transport

Competitiveness in the market .

Stable financial position of the company allows you to create stocks of raw materials, which ensures smooth operation and fast shipping products to the customer. Application of new technologies, personal development, proximity to sources of raw materials (tin and lead) provide high quality and low cost of its metal. These factors allow the Novosibirsk plant solder successfully compete with other manufacturers not only Russia, but also the CIS countries.

Novosibirsk Plant solder has a modern management style and has a staff of highly qualified professionals .